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Seamless Building Project Management

If you have a holiday home that needs work carried out in your absence, detailed below are just some of the project management services we offer to clients looking to renovate or refurbish a property in France.

As you will see from the photographs project size can vary from small projects such as a new kitchen or bathroom to full house renovation.

Our building project management experience stems directly from my own and my parents personal property development and renovation projects over the last thirteen years, using only local, registered, fully insured artisans offering ten year guarantees.

Individually these guys are financially secure, experienced and trusted, professional, dedicated craftsmen and tradesmen, and with our project management and co-ordinating expertise we can oversee your undertaking from original concept through planning and budgeting to completion.

We offer advice and support throughout the project however big or small from original idea through planning permission and the "quote process" through to project completion. We make regular on-site visits, email reports and take photographs as the project develops.

The pictures on this web page are just that, photos taken and sent to our clients as work progressed on a wide variety of projects.

On a number of occasions we have been bought into projects when "foreign builders" have gone AWOL and successfully managed the renovation to completion.

There are huge differences between the UK and France in building techniques, building systems, architectural plans, planning permissions and building materials.

* Building materials are very different in France to those used in the UK.

* Although UK plumbing materials are cheaper they are different in size to French ones and that can include taps and copper and plastic pipe work. When things go wrong the local plumbers do not have the right parts and spares to resolve the problem.

* Windows in France open inwards to allow the use of shutters, in many cases demanded by insurance companies

* UK electrical standards are very different from French ones including pendant light fittings and wall switches and do not conform to very stringent French standards. House insurance can be invalidated by using UK electrical wiring and products.

* French building sand, plaster and even wood differ significantly to what one can buy in the UK

Dealing with local authorities, utilities, (including septic tanks and general sanitation), French building regulations, planning bodies, and other service providers, can be a nightmare. We and our artisans have been dealing with them for years, so understand many of the idiosyncrasies that will be encountered and documentation that has to be completed during the life of the project, including obtaining planning permission.

Some examples of projects we have been involved in over the last few years

* New septic tanks and sanitation systems (12 separate projects completed 2 ongoing today including our own)


* Installation of new bathrooms (14 separate projects completed)


* Kitchen refurbishment including plumbing and wiring (8 projects completed)


* New roofs and insulation to houses and barns (12 projects completed)


* Central heating and boiler installations (7 projects completed)

* Part and full electrical re-wiring (15 projects completed)

* Rebuild internal walls and lay flooring (7 projects completed with three on-going)


* Window, shutter and door installations (16 projects completed)

* Build and refurbishment of swimming pools (including natural pools) and patios (12 projects completed with three on-going)


* Garden landscaping, terracing and decking (3 projects completed)


We are the single point of contact between you the owner and all other service providers: utilities; (EDF,France Telecom, GDF, water companies), builders/tradesmen (artisans), architects, town halls (Maries), planning authorities and suppliers

If you are looking for a property to rent,or someone to manage an existing one, in or around Caylus, Septfonds or Caussade in the Tarn et Garonne (82) region , why not talk to us...Call or email Alexandra......We can help you.

    Office:        00 33 (0) 9 81 61 48 23
     Mobile:      00 33 (0) 7 89 77 01 62

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Pool under construction


Pool completed


Pool patio under construction


Pool under refurbishment


Pool nearing completion


Large covered timber veranda under construction


Completed veranda


Completed bathroom


Roof being refurbished


Completed roof